Grand Fjordland Splendour Cruise

Sunday 28th July 2019
12 nights
Departing from Dublin

Witness spellbinding nature

Gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls, soaring mountains, beautiful valleys and ice-blue mountain lakes are all part of Norway’s stunning Grand Fjordland Splendour Cruise, created by Mother Nature. Whether you’re discovering charming fjord villages, touring on dizzying mountain roads, or riding on the famous Flåm Railway, your time ashore promises to be something truly special on this epic scenic adventure.

Lerwick, Shetland Islands

The core of this 9th century Norse town is a maze of narrow streets set behind 18th century sandstone buildings overlooking the busy harbour. Hay’s Dock, once the centre of Shetland’s fishing and boat building industries, is home to the marvellous Shetland Museum and Archives.

Geiranger, Norway

Geiranger is one of Norway’s most popular tourist resorts. It sits at the head of the stunningly beautiful Geirangerfjord against a backdrop of splendid mountain scenery. Snow dusted peaks, wild tumbling waterfalls, lush green valleys and dramatic gorges stretch as far as the eye can see with their reflections in the mirror-calm waters of the incredible Geirangerfjord far below.

Flåm, Norway

The tiny village of Flåm lies at the head of Aurlandsfjord, the innermost arm of the mighty Sognefjord. Enjoy a ride on one of the world’s steepest and most spectacular railways, a masterpiece of engineering, the Flåm Railway.


This small town is the gateway to Hardangervidda, which is the largest high mountain plateau in Europe and Norway’s largest national park. Nearby the stunning Vøringfossen waterfall is one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions and features in optional excursions along with the amazing Sysen Dam.

Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is a vibrant, modern city. One of the most popular excursions from Norway’s fourth largest city is a visit to the Iron Age Farm at Ullanhaug giving a fascinating insight into life in the area some 1,500 years ago.

Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

The capital of the Orkney archipelago, the Royal Burgh of Kirkwall sits almost exactly in the centre of Mainland, dividing the island into East and West. The magnificent St. Magnus Cathedral, a legacy of the town’s rich Viking heritage, dominates Kirkwall’s skyline.

Prices can vary for this cruise, please contact us for more information.

  • 28-07-19 – Depart Dublin at 18.00
  • 29-07-19 – At sea
  • 30-07-19 – Lerwick, Shetland Islands (United Kingdom) – Arrive 07.00, depart 16.00
  • 31-07-19 – Bergen (Norway) – Arrive 08.00, depart 18.00
  • 01-08-19 – Olden (Norway) – Arrive 08.00, depart 18.00
  • 01-08-19 – Cruising Nordfjord (Norway)
  • 02-08-19 – Geiranger (Norway) – Arrive 08.00, depart 16.00
  • 02-08-19 – Cruising Geirangerfjord (Norway)
  • 03-08-19 – Flåm (Norway) – Arrive 09.00, depart 19.00
  • 03-08-19 – Cruising Sognefjord (Norway)
  • 04-08-19 – Eidfjord (Norway) – Arrive 12.00, depart 19.00
  • 04-08-19 – Cruising Hardangerfjord (Norway)
  • 05-08-19 – Stavanger (Norway) – Arrive 07.00, depart 14.00
  • 06-08-19 – Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (United Kingdom) – Arrive 08.00, depart 17.00
  • 07-08-19 – At sea
  • 08-08-19 – Liverpool (United Kingdom) – Arrive 08.00, depart 20.00
  • 09-08-19 – Dublin – Arrive 07.00

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